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From science student to scientist: Predictors and outcomes of heterogeneous science identity trajectories in college

Robinson, K. A., Perez, T., Nuttall, A. K., Roseth, C. J., & Linnenbrink-Garcia, L.
Developmental Psychology
in press
Repairing the leaky pipeline: A motivationally supportive intervention to enhance persistence in undergraduate science pathways

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Multiple pathways to success: An examination of integrative motivational profiles among upper elementary and college students

Linnenbrink-Garcia, L., Wormington, S. V., Snyder, K. E., Riggsbee, J., Perez, T., Ben-Eliyahu, A., …
Journal of Educational Psychology
Key challenges and potential solutions for studying the complexity of motivation in schooling: An integrative, dynamic person-oriented perspective

Linnenbrink-Garcia, L., Wormington, S. V.
British Journal of Educational Psychology Monograph Series
Affective profiles and academic success in a college science course

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Developmental systems of students’ personal theories about education

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Educational Psychologist, 52, 63-83
The intertwined nature of adolescents’ social and academic lives: Social and academic goal orientations

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A short-term longitudinal study of stability and change in achievement goal profiles

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A New Look at Multiple Goal Pursuit: the Promise of a Person-Centered Approach

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Developmental changes in college engineering students’ personal epistemology profiles

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Adaptive Motivation and Emotion in Education Research and Principles for Instructional Design

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Measuring Affect in Educational Contexts: A Circumplex Approach

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A Pharmacology-Based Enrichment Program for Undergraduates Promotes Interest in Science

EA Godin, SV Wormington, T Perez, MM Barger, KE Snyder, LS Richman, …
CBE-Life Sciences Education 14 (4), ar40
LEAP: Launch into Education About Pharmacology. A Pharmacology-based Enrichment Program for College Students at Duke

R Schwartz-Bloom, E Godin, A Perez, S Wormington, M Barger, K Snyder, …
The FASEB Journal 29 (1 Supplement), 928.3
A grand challenge-based framework for contextual learning in engineering

LG Huettel, M Gustafson, JC Nadeau, DE Schaad, MM Barger, …
American Society for Engineering Education
Integrating the regulation of affect, behavior, and cognition into self-regulated learning paradigms among secondary and post-secondary students

A Ben-Eliyahu, L Linnenbrink-Garcia
Metacognition and Learning 10 (1), 15-42
The role of interest in optimizing performance and self-regulation

PA O’Keefe, L Linnenbrink-Garcia
Journal of Experimental Social Psychology 53, 70-78

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Introduction to emotions in education

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International Handbook of Emotions in Education, 1
International Handbook of Emotions in Education

The message matters: The role of implicit beliefs about giftedness and failure experiences in academic self-handicapping.

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Journal of Educational Psychology 106 (1), 230
High school biology students’ transfer of the concept of natural selection: a mixed-methods approach

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Evidence for the effectiveness of a grand challenge-based framework for contextual learning

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American Society for Engineering Education
Antecedents and consequences of situational interest

L Linnenbrink‐Garcia, EA Patall, EE Messersmith
British Journal of Educational Psychology 83 (4), 591-614
Identification as Gifted and Implicit Beliefs About Intelligence An Examination of Potential Moderators

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Journal of Advanced Academics 24 (4), 242-258
A developmental, person-centered approach to exploring multiple motivational pathways in gifted underachievement

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Educational Psychologist 48 (4), 209-228
Extending self-regulated learning to include self-regulated emotion strategies

A Ben-Eliyahu, L Linnenbrink-Garcia
Motivation and Emotion 37 (3), 558-573
Shaping achievement goal orientations in a mastery-structured environment and concomitant changes in related contingencies of self-worth

PA O’Keefe, A Ben-Eliyahu, L Linnenbrink-Garcia
Motivation and Emotion 37 (1), 50-64