Harmony is a recent graduate of MSU’s teacher prep program in English but has been working in Dr. Linnenbrink-Garcia’s lab for over two years. Studying motivation in the lab has encouraged Harmony to pursue a degree in educational psychology in order to study how to better foster motivation in students of color in order to support achievement. Also, her position as lab manager as well as her experience teaching high school kids has made her excited about studying and teaching younger students.
Aubrey is currently a junior, heading down the Secondary Education path. She is pursuing a BA
in English with a minor in Sociology. Upon earning her degree and completing her student
teaching internship year, Aubrey plans to begin her career as an educator. She is interested in
working with at-risk youth and providing an equitable learning environment for all students.
After gaining some experience in the field, Aubrey hopes to continue her own education.
Trent is currently a sophomore at MSU majoring in Interdepartmental Biology with minors in Spanish and Animation. At MSU he enjoys playing intramural sports like soccer and volleyball and helping with an environmental club on campus called Sustainable Spartans. Trent also works in the dining hall The Gallery at Snyder-Phillips. His career goal is either to teach biology to secondary or post-secondary students, or go into environmental law.
Becca is currently a sophomore studying Elementary Education with minors in Spanish and Speech Pathology. Upon graduation from Michigan State, she plans to complete her year of student teaching as well as her Masters in Speech Pathology. She is unsure whether she would like to be an elementary school teacher or a speech pathologist, but she is staying open to both options. Either way, she hopes to work in an environment where she can inspire young people to express themselves and realize their own potential. She is interested in research having to do with students’ behavior and reactions.
Theo is a Junior in the College of Education, studying elementary education and economics. She is incredibly interested in child behavior and education policy. She is a member of multiple organizations, including the Spartan Marching Band and ASMSU. She is passionate about community betterment and bonding. Theo is planning on teaching for 5 years, then earning her PhD in education policy, and working in the community while she teaches.
Madison is a Freshman from San Diego, California, in the College of Social Science, studying Psychology. She is mainly interested in children’s behaviors and emotions. After her undergraduate career, Madison is planning on going to graduate school and getting a Ph.D. in Psychology.